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Donaldson Home Improvement has evolved into a company that started out as just a dream – when Todd was a young apprentice carpenter back in the 1980′s. Then, as a high school student he worked summers, weekends and vacations for Dave LaJoie Construction in Shrewsbury, MA. Dave taught not only the trade but many valuable lessons in life: lessons about hard work, honesty, loyalty and how to value customer relationships.

Todd continued with Dave throughout high school and college. After graduating from UMass Lowell in 1992, Todd had become a skilled, full-time carpenter for Dave. Todd’s career plans evolved and it was time to pursue his dream of being a police officer and providing for his growing family. Police work was Todd’s passion and career focus, but he maintained his skills working independently as a handyman and small project contractor for family and friends.

Todd’s passion for carpentry brought he and his wife, Diane, an opportunity for business ownership.  Self Employment is what Todd and Diane love, and they strive every day to improve. Diane returned to school to pursue a Master’s Degree while working as in an independent consultant in a successful sales and marketing capacity.

As Todd became more committed to carpentry projects, and Diane enjoyed the entrepreneur experience – Both began to feel the pull towards establishing a more legitimate contracting business – that could be able to offer Todd’s customers the services they deserved. It was at the advice of a customer, who suggested it was time to take the business to the next level and become fully licensed and insured that so we decided that was indeed exactly what we needed to do. Todd made the investment in himself by taking classes and attaining the Home Improvement Contractor License in Massachusetts and increased the liability insurance so that we could do more for our customers.

Diane since became involved the the business and also works part-time in the field of her degree, doing academic, career counseling and recruiting.

Both Todd and Diane are very active in Customer and Employee Relations and have always enjoyed working together – even in the early days when they would work together on construction projects.


At Donaldson Home Improvement, LLC, Todd continues to hold himself and all of our employees to a higher standard than what the industry is used to. Donaldson Home Improvement focuses on quality, professionalism and personal integrity. This and other philosophies DHI employ add value to the product that Deliver deliver. Donaldson will always establish a common goal with the customer, and upon completion, that goal is sure to be met.

Currently Donaldson Home Improvement employs several full-time employees and also employs apprentice carpentry students from local Vocational and Technical High Schools. Each of them, Full-time, Part-time or CO-OPs, operate at the standards outlined above. Whether they are in the office or in the field, each employee representing Donaldson Home Improvement considers each job and customer we are working with the most important one regardless of the size or scope of the project.


Soon we found out that by doing more, our customers wanted more. Todd soon pursued and attained his Unrestricted Construction Supervisor License, Lead Safe Renovation Contractor License and obtained additional insurances that would benefit the employees I would hire and the customer base I was building along the way.


As mentioned above, Todd was once a young student of the trade as a teenager and was fortunate enough to have work for a contractor who was a great role model and teacher. The experience gained from him was invaluable. It is our hope to use this experience and offer the same for kids today. I am glad to have established a relationship with Greater Lowell Technical High School, Shawsheen Technical High School, Greater Lawrence Voc and Lynn Technical High School to find gifted and talented students to employ during the academic year on the CO – OP program. It is advantageous for me, because the students come very well prepared to work in field. Every student has been OSHA certified and know how to use tools safely. This readiness combined with my leadership and direction on a “real-life” job site is instrumental in taking them to the next step in their career. Student employees are given the opportunity to learn the skills and the business as well as how to interact with customers. Many have been offered employment beyond High School and grown with Donaldson Home Improvement. We hope many more will also.