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In 2011 Todd was working for a local customer, Jimmy Khin, who was an investor on a project being filmed by A&E television Flipping Boston. The show’s stars, Dave Seymour and Peter Souhleris, from City Light Homes, share their experiences on how they tackle the real estate market and flip houses to make a profit. On that job, Todd was doing nothing more than operate at his typical standards for any and all my customers but what flourished would become a strong relationship has between City Light Homes and Donaldson Home Improvement. Our work together is featured in 10+ episodes of the show and we hope to continue to tape when the show enters another season. As their General Contractor, I am running the jobs and re-habbing the properties they buy. With Peter’s incredible design work and Dave’s drive we can finish their projects in a short amount of time, and provide an unbelievable finished product that is second to none. It’s still hard to believe that my company, employees and work is featured on TV each week, especially as I am working on kitchens, basements, and additions right in “your” back yard.  One of last season’s episodes featured Todd personally and was named, “Donaldson’s Ducks.”  Another ugly duckling home, turned beautiful swan.